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Free Trial Terms and Conditions

OfficeAssistant.com offers a free trial period (“Free Trial”), for eligible customers, as defined below. The Free Trial period begins on the start date listed on your online order or over the telephone, whichever applies.

To receive your Free Trial, simply enter the code listed on OfficeAssistant.com in the Promotional Code box at checkout. Upon completion of purchasing your desired package, you will be redirected to the registration page. Complete the form to tell us how to answer your calls and provide any other specific information we should know so we can customize to fit your needs.

You will receive a credit (“Trial Credit”) for the monetary amount of the Free Trial. The Trial Credit will be calculated by prorating the number of days included in the Free Trial by 30 days (calendar month) and will appear on the following month’s invoice. Example: $329 /30 days x 15 days = $164.50. In the event you choose to cancel your services before you reach 30 days or 250 minutes used in the current month, whichever is sooner, we will return 100% of the amount you paid.

Eligible Customers are defined as follows:

  1. Not a prior customer
  2. Does not intend to use for a promotional or advertising campaign, i.e. TV, Web, Radio, Direct Mail, or any other method of increasing call volume
  3. Has not already used the free trial in the past
  4. Does not violate paragraph 10 of the Terms of Service

OfficeAssistant.com reserves the right to terminate the Free Trial at any point in time, at its sole discretion, if one or more of the following occurs:

  1. The customer has used more than 200 minutes.
  2. The customer has been abusive to any OfficeAssistant.com employee
  3. OfficeAssistant.com determines no longer an Eligible Customer