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We’re here to help you in any way we can.

We invite you to browse some of our most frequently asked questions. We hope you’ll find our topics helpful. If you still have a question or would like clarification on any item, please feel free to contact us using our contact button below.

Money First

All of our Agreements are month-to-month so there are no long-term commitments.

Absolutely! We said we want you to pay for only what you need and we meant it! Just call or email us and we will make it happen.

Don’t worry, your calls are still answered and at the same rate – no upcharge or penalty rate for your growing business!

Your minutes are billed based on the actual time spent on your calls – unlike other providers that round every call up to the next minute!

Yes! You have 24/7 access to your call logs through the portal to see how the minutes are being used.

Of course we do! Just send an email to service@officeassistant.com or call your dedicated account manager at 844.844.9996 to notify us that you wish to cancel before you reach 30 days or 250 minutes used in the current month, whichever is sooner, and we will return 100% of the amount you paid.


Yes!  Your calls are answered by a live receptionist and will be rotated between the same 5 receptionists to increase familiarity with your business.

We got your back!  We are happy to provide you with a phone number to use.  If you already have a phone number, you are welcome to forward it to us, too.

Yes, you may!  You can forward your calls to us and we can provide all the same services.

We are here for you.  Whether you want us to answer your calls while your employee is at lunch or only when you are golfing!  You have the option of turning on the service to fit your needs just by clicking a button on the mobile app or in your portal.  We answer the phone when it rings!

Obviously call volume varies. Yes, sometimes your clients will be asked to hold to ensure all calls are answered. Live answering is the top goal, right? However, you have a team of 5 assistants answering your calls that are familiar with your business and your clients. If one assistant is busy, the next member of your team will answer the call!

Easy breezy! We can make changes very quickly. Just log into our website where your WorkFolder is saved and make the changes. We will get notification and update!

We have a couple of options, of course!  You can update with specific information that you would like to have added to your call answering script, such as “He is currently in court for the rest of the day.”  Another option is changing your status on your mobile app which takes all of 2 seconds.  If you are forwarding your number to us, then you can control that, as well.

It sure is!  The calls will come from your business number and we will use the script you provide.  This is a great use of a virtual assistant, too.

Of course, we can!  We will enter the link on your phone answering page and complete your requested information.  We do it for other clients, too.  Great idea, by the way.

We would love to!  We want to support you and help you grow your business.


Our goal is to not put them on hold!  When you or your virtual assistant make outbound calls, the caller will hear your promotional message if placed on hold.  Check out The Value of On-Hold Messaging.

Lots of options here, too!  We can schedule appointments using your software.  We can confirm your appointments.  We can provide a shared document for scheduling and confirming your appointments.  Once we have your instructions, we will get to work.

Why yes, they can!  The app is attached to a phone number. 

We can get you set up within 24 hours and in most cases, sooner!

Get a 15-Day Free Trial!

Try our services for 15 days!  If you are not super satisfied, we will give you a full refund!