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Why we do it

We believe you should never have to choose between where you want to be and what you need to do.

When you request our service, we don’t provide a single office assistant; instead, we provide an entire team of virtual assistants who meticulously document your preferences and complete your tasks your way. We ensure whoever handles your request is always the assistant you need. Let our team of virtual assistants be at your service today!

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About Office Assistant

Over the last 20 years, our leadership team has worked with thousands of businesses of varying sizes, structures, and fields to provide answers to the challenges they face every day in the pursuit of excellence and financial success. Regardless of their differences, each business’s concerns could be condensed into three common questions:

As with most challenges, these points of concern are interconnected and draw upon the same resources. Hiring the best professionals in a given field can be an expensive investment, increasing costs with the expectation of revenue growth reflecting on their value. Conversely, forgoing additional talent in the hope of sharing out duties among current employees may keep expenses down but often leads to integral team members spending their time away from more business-critical responsibilities. For many years, those were the only two choices: find the resources for a new hire or find the flexibility to go without. OfficeAssistant.com was created to give companies a third option for meeting business demands without the need for compromise.

At OfficeAssistant.com we’re committed to your satisfaction and success

Our mission at OfficeAssistant.com is to help our clients grow and succeed by assisting them when and where they need it most. From recurring services to on-demand requests, our team of virtual assistants is comprised of business professionals and industry experts with the availability and qualifications to ensure every task is met with excellence and every client feels happy and satisfied with the job performance they receive. Clients can choose whether they’re helped by a single assistant or a team of ten, and to only pay for the assistance they require.