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Why it is Important to Have a Business Number

Why it is Important to Have a Business Number
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In a world of solopreneurs with cell service, one aspect of company image that often falls by the wayside is the business phone. Having a dedicated business phone line makes your company appear larger, and sets you apart from the myriad of contractors, freelancers, and tiny startups.


A phone number is your primary method of contact with your customers and clients. It’s an identity that is associated with your company as much as any logo or branding. Having a consistent, easy to remember, and accessible business number is one of the first steps in establishing a successful company.

However, solo proprietors who are juggling 20 business tasks aren’t able to answer every call. That’s where OfficeAssistant.com can help. Our virtual assistant provides you with a number for your business to be used for incoming and outgoing calls. More importantly, our virtual assistant gives you access to our special smart-phone app that can be used to connect incoming calls directly to your cell, or send outgoing calls through your company number. In one complete package, you’ve established a piece of your company’s identity and ensured consistent and convenient contact at any time of day.

Top reasons why you need a dedicated business line

Here are three top reasons you need a dedicated business line:

  1. Privacy. A dedicated business line keeps your private and business life neatly separated. You don’t want customers calling you with non-urgent questions when you’re in the middle of your kid’s birthday party or an evening out with friends. And when you do pick up a call, you’ll never be confused about whether you should say, “Joe’s Widgets, Joe speaking,” or just a simple hello.
  2. Tax purposes. The IRS also likes you to keep your personal and business life clearly delineated. It’s much easier to write off your business deductions when one phone line is dedicated to business.
  3. Company image. Your business looks larger and more professional with a dedicated business line. No matter how good you are at what you do, it always helps to impress your clients with professionalism.

With our services from OfficeAssistant.com, we’ll help you cement the connection between you and your company’s business phone line.

 What features does our phone service provide your business?

  • A dedicated phone number for your company to send and receive calls.
  • Access to our special smart app that connects your cell to your company number.
  • The freedom to send and receive calls from your company number via your cell.

Give us a call today and we’ll set you up with a dedicated business phone number.

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