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Habits of Successful Business Owners

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No one gets into business for themselves hoping to become a failure. Success is the fruit of hard work, proactivity and (if we’re honest) luck. Sometimes success seems to fall into your lap while at other times it seems out of reach no matter how much effort you expend. While there will always be circumstances outside your ability to control, there are still a few habits which most successful business owners agree help lay a great foundation for success to be built upon.

Take care of yourself

Good health, both mental and physical, is imperative. Getting a good night’s sleep, drinking the recommended amount of water, enjoying a hobby or just visiting with friends can lower stress and improve your focus. Have a hard time separating work from your personal life? Schedule a massage or join a fitness class, something that requires commitment to ensure you make taking care of yourself a priority.

Grow and nurture business relationships

Networking is perhaps the single most important resource for any business owner. Not only does word of mouth bring in great referrals for you, you too can be the subject of that same route of information. Control what people are saying about you and your brand by making sure those relationships are well maintained. Whether it’s a business lunch, drinks on Friday, or just a call to catch up with those more distant connections, be proactive and make sure you never lose a potential resource to silence.

Stay Organized

Contacts, meetings, due dates, file locations–there are a million things you need to keep up with every day which constitute a million things that can potentially become lost, forgotten or fall through the cracks. Set reminders and find the best means of staying organized for you, whether it’s by utilization of phone apps and online services or with a bound day planner you can carry with you. There’s no right way to being organized that is sure to work for everyone. Try several out to find your best fit.

There’s more to achieving your goals than working hard day and night. Take time for yourself, make time for others, and keep track of it all to make sure you’re prepared for whatever success requires of you next

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