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Focusing Your Time Where It Counts

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Why delegate

Delegation is one of the most important skills a business professional can possess. While all business tasks are important, not all of them require the attention of a single individual. Talent management can be the difference between a growing business and a stagnating one. Which one are you curating?

It’s vital to remember that just because you can do a task does not mean you should be doing it. Most people are able to take calls or sort through files but when those tasks take decision-makers away from their core functions, they become a yolk around the company’s neck.

How to decide

If you have trouble deciding whether something should be delegated to someone else or handled directly, ask yourself these questions:
1. Does this require my expertise?
2. Will completing this keep me from working something else?
3. Will not completing this keep me from working on something else?

If in the end your talents are required elsewhere, delegate the task to someone else you have faith in. Utilizing those same three questions, decide who on your team has the expertise and scheduling availability to take over and allow them the chance to succeed. If you find there is no one else, consider hiring a virtual assistant to step in as demand requires.

Direct your time and energy where it needs to be by delegating what you can and getting back to what’s most important

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