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Why Choose OfficeAssistant.com

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Dedicated support

Even the self-made business professional needs help now and then. Challenges and opportunities present themselves every day with the potential to interrupt the flow of business and impact productivity–especially for small teams or in crunch time situations. Why sweat details like who will answer the phones when all hands are required for a meeting or who’s going to type up those handwritten notes? Important as the tasks may be, it comes down to a matter of talent and resource management. For many busy professionals, doing without is not an option but making concessions causes too many other problems. They need dedicated support to delegate those necessary and sometimes time prohibitive tasks to.


We are all familiar with the trope of the bored receptionist with nothing productive to do. It can be a common concern: do you have a great enough need day-to-day to justify the cost of hiring your own administrative assistant? For many, the answer is no. That’s why those business owners love the flexibility of a virtual assistant. With OfficeAssistant.com they have the ability to pass on time-consuming tasks like word processing, cold calling, expense reporting and area research to specialists who possess the skills required to not only complete the assignments but do so to the highest standard of excellence on demand. OfficeAssistant.com is akin to hiring on an entire team of professionals without having to budget for the costs of direct hire like insurance, benefits, or providing a wage based on hours at the office rather than on hours actively engaged in a project.

Result-based model

Not only does a result-based model mean you never pay for downtime, but their extensive talent pool gives you a wide variety of experts who can tackle multiple needs at once. Why wait for a lone employee to research and book your travel plans, reserve a meeting room for Thursday’s big presentation, and update social media with your latest business news in between taking incoming calls when their virtual assistants can see to all of it congruently without running the risk of anything falling through the cracks. Get the best deal on your vacation, the perfect room for your meeting, engage your social media followers, and have your phones answered with professional courtesy all at the same time and ready to start at your command.

OfficeAssistant.com provides the workforce; you provide the work. Whether it’s pay-as-you-go or packaged per month, busy professionals save time and money with a virtual assistant.

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