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Pricing Quotes with OfficeAssistant.com

An important step in the sales process, submitting initial pricing quotes to your clients is often your first real communication with a potential customer. These quotes need to be competitive, direct, and fast. All too often a new client can be lost due to a requested quote taking too long. In today’s market, with potentially dozens of competitors all vying for your clients’ hard-earned dollars, speed, consistency, and confidence can make or break a sale.

These quotes take time, though. Reviewing the requested services or products, evaluating the time required for each, and finding the number that sits well with your bottom line can require a significant amount of time out of your day that may be needed to ensure other functions of your business. Getting these quotes out promptly can increase client satisfaction, sales, and positively impact your business’ revenue, making pricing quotes by a virtual assistant with OfficeAssistant.com an invaluable resource.

Take the time, frustration, and guesswork out of pricing quotes by taking advantage of OfficeAssistant.com’s pricing quotes service. We’ll be your professional sales assistant,managing incoming requests for price quotes and giving your clients the fast response they need to make an informed decision. Our virtual assistant uses your own commonly used services and products to generate an initial quote that is both accurate and reasonable, granting you peace of mind that each and every customer is receiving the personal attention they deserve.

What does our pricing quotes service do for your business?

  • Generate quotes based on your own pricing data
  • Respond to inquiries for pricing information from your clients.
  • Present your clients with a professional pricing quote in a timely manner
  • Free up your time for important tasks!

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