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Lead Qualification

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Sales-Lead Qualification with OfficeAssistant.com

Preliminary contact with sales leads is the critical first step in the sales process. Not only is this
the first impression your potential new customer or client will have with your business, but it’s also crucial in assessing the lead and determining whether or not it’s valid. Properly conducted lead qualification can translate to an increase in repeat business and an increased chance of a completed sale.

Good first contact with your leads is a time-consuming process, not only for the qualification itself but in the experience needed to increase potential sales or new clients. Experienced salespeople spend years honing their ability to accurately vet new leads and give them the best chance of leading to a sale. First impressions matter, and providing a bad first impression when contacting leads will almost always lead to a lost sale!

With OfficeAssistant.com’s sales-lead qualification service, we’ll handle the initial contact with your leads for you. Our team of industry sales professionals will put their decades of experience to work for your business, properly vetting each of your leads and setting up each of your contacts for a successful sale. Once we’ve established interest in your products or services, we’ll transfer qualified leads to your CRM or database. If requested, we can also take warm leads and transfer them directly to you or your sales associates. We’ll even set dates for future follow-ups with clients or customers who may be interested in your business. With our time-saving qualification service, we put our sales expertise to work for your business.

What does our time saving qualification service do for your business?

  • Contact your leads using our team of sales professionals
  • Evaluate leads and give each the best chance for a successful sale.
  • Send qualified leads with high potential for conversion to your business.
  • Transfer warm leads directly to your sales people as requested.
  • Schedule follow-ups for interested customers when necessary.
  • Combine our decades of sales experience with your business

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