5 Reasons to Use a Virtual Receptionist

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How many customers love navigating through long, complicated automated phone systems? Very few. Instead, most customers crave the attention and helpfulness of a real live person. But for many small businesses, hiring a dedicated receptionist just isn’t feasible. That’s where our virtual receptionist comes in.

5 Ways to Maximize Your Internet Research


Every business needs to conduct research in order to stay competitive. Whether it’s market research, information about your competitors, or specific market knowledge about your location, taking the time to know everything you can about your industry gives your business an edge. However, like all business tasks, good research requires time, skills, and staffing. OfficeAssistant.com […]

Focusing Your Time Where It Counts

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Why delegate Delegation is one of the most important skills a business professional can possess. While all business tasks are important, not all of them require the attention of a single individual. Talent management can be the difference between a growing business and a stagnating one. Which one are you curating? It’s vital to remember […]